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We listen to you, inspire you, and help create a beautiful home.

Meet the team at Life Size Architecture. It’s not easy choosing an architectural practice for your project. It means choosing the people you trust, are excited to work with, and who have the expertise to bring your vision to life. We hope to show you this is us.

Rob Beer

Architectural Director
Having built his previous practice, Three Eleven Design, to hold the reputation it did over the last 10 years, Rob's dedication, experience and enthusiasm is the very groundwork on which the Life Size team thrives. Both clients and colleagues alike find it very easy to communicate with him and share their thoughts knowing that they will be heard.

Mac Clonan

Associate, Project Manager
Mac excels at getting things done properly and promptly. He is responsible for coordinating the delivery of designs proposed by the Life Size team. He is also brilliant at communication, strategy and organisation, all of which are key characteristics for administering construction contracts and managing builds on-site.

Luke Chittenden

Senior Architectural Designer
Luke has a refined eye for design rooted in his attention to the detail. As well as using various drawing and modelling techniques to convey his designs to clients, he displays a great understanding of the process of realising a project. He has wide range of project experience, from designing playgrounds to social housing schemes.

Matt Barber

Architectural Technologist
Having worked on all scales of projects throughout his young career, Matt displays an intense knowledge of the detail within a building. He's a great problem solver, balancing out the aesthetics of a good design against the practical side of construction. The real success of a project is always in the detail - this is where Matt excels.

Jack Elliott

Architectural Assistant
Jack is an excellent designer who is meticulous in his approach. His detailed designs are a compliment to his ability to listen and interpret a client’s needs and wants. He is always very keen to expand his knowledge base and push the boundaries of architectural design.

Howard Baker

Senior Architectural Designer
Howard has a great consideration for the finer details. He has a real artistic flair with a passion for sketching which he applies to his design work, to great effect, helping clients visualise his ideas.

Amanda Hancox

Finance Manager
It is Amanda's responsibly to be the eyes and ears over the company finances and the market in general. Her expert advice has played a vital role in growing the practice, making her an essential part of them team.