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So, what’s the situation here you ask? A new company in Brighton & Hove? A new practice determined to create some great work and build a reputation? Well yes… and no.

Life Size Architecture has actually been around for a very long time, living and working with you all in Brighton & Hove, and the South East. (Editor’s note – this is not a poetic metaphor implying the concept of Life Size Architecture has been, in a spiritual sense, amongst us and within us!) A nice notion perhaps, but we refer to us having been around for a while, because we truly have been!

The studio of Life Size and its new creation is, in fact, a merging of teams, ideas, ethos and portfolios of two well-established firms who are very familiar with the area. Formally, the directors of 3eleven design and JPA, Rob Beer and James Patterson, met a short time ago and it became very apparent their styles and approach to architecture were the same. So, after some months the idea was hatched to bring the companies together and Life Size Architecture was born. We are very happy and excited about what we have created.

While we are very proud of the businesses and reputations of 3eleven and JPA which have been developed by Rob, James and their teams over many years, these brands no longer define our continual work, our desire to remain current, our ability to be inspired by and treat each new project as special. So, while we are personally sad to wave goodbye to these practices, the departure only paves the way for bigger and better things. The same great work, team, approach and ethos will survive. Now, though, we have a better platform to grow, experiment and learn together. We are taking the excellent reputations, relationships and portfolios of both and using this to spring Life Size into… well… life!

So, who is part of the Life Size team that will bring your ideas and visions to life? Check out the Team page to familiarise yourself with old and new faces, alike. As ever, we are keen to talk, meet, discuss and share ideas. So, pick up the phone or send us an email.

Please continue to check back for regular updates on Life Size projects, concepts, thoughts and just general brain dumps. Hopefully, they will be useful, interesting, entertaining and a fun look at the multiverse of ideas that is Architecture!

Here’s to being Life Size. Welcome!

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