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Jasmine House, Small Dole

The Project

The existing bungalow was tired and did not take advantage of the large garden space and the views to the rear. The size and shell of the property was for the best part in good condition, so the goal was to retain the essence of the property and to add to it by extending upwards making the building recognisable along the street.

From the front, the building has a striking glazed central section to break up the solid side parts and uses touches of timber cladding to bring life to the front façade. To the rear, a large central element was added using glazing to allow fantastic views out onto the rear garden and to flood light deep into the house.

Project Details


Jasmine House, Small Dole

Scope of Works

Property conversion form bungalow to 2-storey house with rear feature gable & extensions



Design Length

12 Months

Build Time

12 Months
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