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Stoke Close, Surrey

The Project

The brief, here, was to create a dream home for the clients and to change the style, the internal feel and to combine the traditional looking house with some light, unique and modern elements. Internally, there was an extensive renovation which left the internal spaces throughout almost unrecognisable from before. Some gentle modern treatments were added to the front of the property while maintaining the tradition of the building.

To the rear, the traditional form of a gabled two-storey extension was complimented by a more contemporary angled element and clad in dark painted timber to give the building a completely different feel. The result is a beautiful, modern family home.

We were very proud to have been shortlisted for Britain’s Best Renovation and Extension Architect or Designer in the 2018 Build It Awards for this project.

Project Details


Stoke Close, Surrey

Scope of Works

Complete property renovation thought and extension works


JCJ Construction

Design Length

6 Months

Build Time

9 Months
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